Rising Ocean Solutions and Erosion Protection System Consulting


Providing effective & sustainable erosion  protection solutions for beach front and cliff side property owners. 

  Beach Erosion Property Protection Made Easy

Specializing in temporary and temporary permanent "Hardening" protection systems. Solutions designed to protect beach front and cliff side properties subjected to structural damage due to beach loss and advancing erosion. Fortifying against erosion for various shoreline military installations have advanced our innovated experience and engineering techniques which reduce and prevent  property loss caused by breaking waves, tidal surge, king tides and strong winds.  

Vertical embankment restoration

We identify erosion problems

Barrier systems fortifying against severe storm water run off

Prolonged storm water run off designs

Preventive Maintenance

Accelerated climate change

protection enhancements

We engineer cutting edge innovative solutions that work in concert with the natural contours of the environment, rather than against it. Our working perspective is inspired by nature, valuable time is being wasted while money is being thrown away on methods that can't possibly work in the long run as climate change accelerates the powers of mother nature beyond anything previously experienced in human history. Our solutions are designed to meet owner budget constraints or "whatever it cost" urgencies.